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Behold! LGBTQIA+ Series
Behold! LGBTQIA+ Series

Fri, Jun 21



Behold! LGBTQIA+ Series

An ongoing series celebrating the Voices of LGBTQIA+ Artists. This edition features New Works by Martin Matamoros, TRIN, Ironstone, and Cade Moga.

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Time & Location

Jun 21, 2024, 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Highways, 1651 18th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

About The Event


Martin Matamoros' "Princesa" is an autobiographical exploration into a queer childhood – When a princess obsessed boy is forced to accept counsel from a child psychologist, he soon discovers that his imagination is his only solace. TRIN's "Appetizer", is a fresh, caustic take on sensuality devoid of the male gaze. Dive into a world of burlesque and enjoy a virtuosic display of technical prowess and satire. Cabaret as clownery. Lust and love. We hope you’re hungry. In "Property", Cade Moga & Ironstone hinge between dance and dialogue in a humorous and daring collaborative process. The work examines all of that which we inherit — not only material possessions but also cultural and biological legacies. In a non-linear survey of history and self, Ironstone moves us to 1837 Paris while Cade rolls out an auto-biographical revelation about intimacy in Los Angeles. Like a Rubik’s cube, we shift to Brazil where the controversial concept of “Cultural Cannibalism” coined by Oswald de Andrade begs the question: Is identity shaped by the act of mirroring, inheriting, or devouring? Finally, we explore the concept of “X-risk” (the risk of human extinction inadvertently caused by Artificial Intelligence). If organic humans become extinct, is it fair to say that humanity lives on through machines which have inherited our language and culture?


Martin Matamoros is a Cubano LA based queer artist. Martin is a playwright, painter, animator, vocalist and actor. Notable works include The Gentlemen, Wham! The Boys Behind the Shorts, and his animated clips on Instagram.


TRIN is a contemporary dance theatre company directed by three Los Angeles dance artists: Monica Williams, Tippy Dringman, and Mason Gray. After 7 years of creating and performing together, the trio collectively founded TRIN as a dance theatre project in 2021. TRIN is a collective that exists out of friendship, is centered upon community, and creates space to connect, explore, play, and perform. TRIN’s dance work is theatrical, daring, sensual, queer, comedic, and a real labor of love for one another and the stories we have to share.

Monica, Tippy, and Mason met at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where they each earned their Bachelor of Arts in Dance. They naturally gravitated toward one another and quickly became close friends and creative collaborators. TRIN has been creating and performing together since 2016, where they have shown original works at Highways Performance Space, Stomping Ground LA, Hooverhaus, Thymele Arts, East Hollywood Performing Arts Center, and Atwater Village Theatre.

TRIN teaches an open contemporary dance theatre class that invites folks to move, feel, research and play. Their teaching practice utilizes breath-work, somatic-inspired techniques, improvisation, gesture, phrase work and repertoire. TRIN’s classes and workshops offer space to care for your body and be as you are.

Choreography: TRIN -- Monica Williams, Tippy Dringman, Mason Gray

Featured Artists: Bella Allen, Gia Bella, Tippy Dringman, Mason Gray, Cassidy Jorgensen, Caileigh Knapp, Casey Shea, Haley Smith, Erika Soto, Jess Wicke, Monica Williams, Jane Zogbi


Originally from Curitiba, Brazil, Cade Moga works across film, poetry, installation, and performance. Cade received their BFA from Otis College of Art & Design after relocating to Los Angeles. During their time in LA, Cade (then Carol) gained recognition as a cis femme pin-up model, often catering to the male gaze under the label of a 'sexy latina.' Seeking to dismantle a binary identity, Cade embarked on an intimate exploration of trans-masculinity. Influenced by the intersections of queerness in Body Horror Cinema and Magical Realism in South American Literature, Cade strives to redefine notions of words like Feminist, Erotic, and Brazilian. Cade’s work has been featured in festivals like Fringe!, The Venice Biennial, Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival, Tag!, New Original Works, and Film Maudit 2.0. / IG: @cademoga

Ironstone is a queer dance-maker born and raised in an international crossroad so-called Los Angeles who since 2018 makes weird Dance for people who are sick of the same old shit. They strive to present visions of muscular effort, sweat, discomfort and elegant splendor to reflect upon violent injustices of our vulgar and natural world, reframing our humanity towards a more united future. They scaffold queer and trans acts to elaborate social critiques using my foundations in Tap. I propose, through experimental dance, unforeseen collaborations with artists of diverse backgrounds. / IG: @ironstonedance

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