BEHOLD! A Queer Performance Festival

July 8 + 9

Love, Connie

This multi-media dance comedy thriller is an homage to ‘80’s pop music & the stylized slasher flicks of Brian DePalma & Dario Argento. Taking a cue from the soundtracks of those directors’ films, Cantwell has created the flashdancing world of Connie Slocum (Cantwell) and her cat, Vickie (Molly Cranna), 2 femme/feline fatales who dance like there’s no tomorrow - and there may not be if the evil villain Bambi (Kelly Mantle) has her way.

Fri + Sat 8.30pm $20/$15

July 15

Show Ho

A hilarious and poignant multi-character tour de force about life in a low-rent circus, with the circus as a true Island Of Misfit Toys for those too weird or strange or queer to live anywhere else. In the backstage world of the circus she faces the two great dramas of life, love and death, while always managing to come out swinging!

Fri 8.30pm $20/$15

July 22 + 23

Decades Apart: Reflections of Three Gay Men

A multimedia theatrical performance that captures significant moments in the lives of three gay American men from different eras and cities.

Bob is a carefree soul who lives in 1970s San Francisco and finds sex and love closely intertwined. Patrick, a gay Republican, tries to survive 1980s New York City but finds himself hopelessly lost. Danny is a wild club kid who parties and pays hard for it in 1990s Los Angeles.

Decades Apart reflects back on the social and political issues that shaped the worldview of these men. Pulos' performance is crafted to complement the media and story he has designed. Barbara Parisi (a director, professor, author and editor with more than 150 New York City directing credits to her name) helms the show. 

Chicago Stage Style raves that Decades Apart demonstrates “real innovation[s] in gay theatre” and that the text is “…a provocative and thought provoking picture of same-sex proclivities and issues.  If the response to Pulos' World Premiere was any indication, this is a work that can really get blood boiling out there, and isn't that one of the benchmarks of great theatre?”

New York Theatre Wire writes “Pulos [uses] videos to great effect, creating time, place and mood with tapes of actual events as well as fanciful imagery.”

Rick Pulos is a published playwright, theatre producer, artist, performer and educator and has performed all over the United States in venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. He studied theatre and film at Yale University as well as storyboard design and animation under the guidance of Academy Award winner Faith Hubley. He attended the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California where he studied with various experimental and commercial artists and directors. He is a native Californian transplanted to New York City.

Barbara Parisi is a co-founder of the Ryan Repertory Company. She has directed the Company in over 150 productions, ranging from musicals to dramas and comedies. She has performed in various roles throughout her career. Barbara has a Doctorate in Performance Studies from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts. She is Professor of Communication Studies, Performance Studies and Theatre at Long Island University, the Brooklyn Campus. Currently, she is the editor of the Best American Short Plays series for Applause Theatre and Cinema Books/Hal Leonard Group Publishing.

The Ryan Repertory Company was founded in 1972 and is named after Irene Ryan, most famous for her role as Granny in television’s long-running The Beverly Hillbillies. She was a leading performer in theatre, film and television and her name remains synonymous with quality work in every aspect of entertainment. Ryan Rep is a center for the development of new and original theatrical events. The Company’s home is the Harry Warren Theatre, named in honor of the great composer, and is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Fri + Sat 8.30pm $20/$15


July 29 - 31

KDUB Dance
Liminal Bust

Choreographer Kevin Williamson tackles jarring states of unrest and ardor in the premiere of Liminal Bust. Five people sit in a waiting room - struggling whether to delay or take actions against their predicament. The dancers test their physical landscape in an attempt to uncover something deeper than the empty space that surrounds them.

Fri + Sat 8.30pm Sun 7.30pm $20/$15

August 5

My Life in 3 Easy Payments

A new one-man show by critically acclaimed spoken word performance artist and former QVC shopping host Madison, who speaks to the pop culture phenomenon of reality shows and the quest for fame at any cost. If you have basked in the shallow cloak of fame, can you ever really recapture it? Inspired by Sunset Boulevard, A Star is Born, Dreamgirls, drag queens, Diana Ross, Glee, music videos, African storytelling and his own unique experience of selling products on live television, Madison offers a humorous interactive story through spoken word, songs, storytelling and video footage of his life.

Fri 8.30pm $20/$15

August 6

What Comes Naturally

opening act:
(with a short performance)

Burriss’ new work negotiates the fraught intersection of the personal and the political, grappling with queer marriage and queer birth when majority rule is tyrannizing one and malpractice rules are traumatizing the other. Drawing from her own experiences and focusing on moments when she has found or failed to find the fierceness needed to stand up to bigotry and ignorance, this piece explores the humor and heartbreak that emerge when our tender private loves and lives collide with the inertial weight of public institutions and get swept up in the current of national debate.

Sat 8.30pm $20/$15

August 12 + 13

Uncovered: The Diary Project

After sold-out runs in San Francisco and New York, Uncovered: The Diary Project comes to Highways for one weekend only!

Using text from real-life diaries of LGBT people, this award-winning show fuses dance, theater and storytelling to reveal lives and stories that history has tried to erase.

Diary secrets, bathhouse antics, pop idols, outrageous love, impossible courage and the importance of documenting and sharing our history explode onstage in this powerful, groundbreaking production.

“San Francisco’s Best Dance Company”  
(SF Weekly)

“ONE OF THE Top Dances of The Year”
(San Francisco Bay Guardian)

“breathtaking beauty”
(Bay Times)

Trailblazing transgender choreographer Sean Dorsey (winner of two Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and the Goldie Award for Performance) and a gorgeous cast of dancers chase the naked truth in Uncovered: The Diary Project. Uncovered features two dances: ‘Lou’, a dance based on the lifelong journals of Lou Sullivan (1951-1991), a pioneering transgender activist; and ‘Lost/Found,’ the story of an imaginary boyhood based on a very real diary.

To create ‘Lou’, Dorsey researched the lifelong journals of Lou Sullivan, a transsexual gay man who was a trailblazing activist, organizer and writer. Before his death from AIDS, Sullivan bequeathed 30 years of his journals and papers to the GLBT Historical Society in order to leave a companion for other transgender people, to educate and open minds, and to ensure that the progress he had struggled a lifetime for would not be lost. To create ‘Lou’, Dorsey researched this collection, compiled and distilled 30 years of Sullivan’s journal writings into an original soundscore, and choreographed a suite of dances based on Sullivan’s remarkable journey.

Performed by a gorgeous cast of dancers: Sean Dorsey, Juan De La Rosa, Brian Fisher and Nol Simonse. Original music by Shawna Virago, Storm Florez and Ben Kessler.

Full show info at

Fri + Sat 8.30pm $20/$15


August 19 + 20

Gay Hist-Orgy! Part 2 -
The Search for Gay Love!

The cyber-sexual time traveling hot-pants have gotten a new upgrade, and with the help of his genie guide and leather daddy queer theory professor friend, performance artist activist MacKinnon searches history, mythology, psychology, and pornography to answer the question "What is Gay Love? A sequel that stands alone, it’s a hot and horny multi-media romp, an evening of laughs and lust, fun and fucking, humor and history, sex and love.

Fri + Sat 8.30pm $20/$15

August 21

West Hollywood Squares

A game show where audience members become the contestants and The Sisters are the panel. Compete in a tic-tac-toe style game to win fabulous prizes. How good is your trivia? Is the Sister going to answer correctly or are they going to bluff you?

Sun 7.00pm $20/$15

August 26 - 28


A weekend honoring a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many indigenous cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders. Join us for a screening of the award winning documentary Two Spirits with a panel discussion with LGBT healers, a cornucopia of LGBT healers on a HEALING SPA DAY, an evening RITUAL & FIRE CEREMONY with your drag queen shamaness Eartha Madre, and a GREEK DREAM TEMPLE / SLEEPOVER at HIGHWAYS including, of course, a fabulous BRUNCH and DREAM WORKSHOP to explore your deepest mysteries!

Complete schedule below:

Friday, August 26th / 8:30 pm
A screening of the film Two Spirits.
Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders.... Two Spirits mourns the young Fred Martinez and the threatened disappearance of the two-spirit tradition, but it also brims with hope and the belief that we all are enriched by multi-gendered people, and that all of us — regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or cultural heritage — benefit from being free to be our truest selves."
Followed by a panel discussion including filmmaker Lydia Nibley and LGBT/ Two Spirit healers; contemporary shaman, LGBT Jungian /depth psychologists, Native american two-spirit  people.
$20 / $15

Saturday, August 27th / 10am - 5pm
Two Spirit Healing Spa Day
$10 per session / 3 for $25

Saturday, August 27th/ 8:30pm
A Two-Spirit Ritual / Fire Celebration with Earth Madre followed by at 11pm, Templum Somnium, a dream temple / a sleepover

Sunday August 28th /from Awakening - 3pm
Sunday morning a catered breakfast and a dream workshop sharing and working with the healing dreams and visions from the night.

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