(the resurrection: faster-tighter-harder)

as part of
BEHOLD! A Queer Performance Festival
July 8 - August 29

A pantheon of jovial hermaphrodites, vulnerability inspired propaganda, and transcendental pornography secure a sex-positive sanctuary asking and allowing us to reconnect with the all-but-forgotten Sacred Whore. An art bomb featuring Tranquilisha, the newfound Saint of “Ya’ll Go ‘Head But I Ain’t Sacrificin’ Shit”, WHORACLE addresses and reverses our puritanical society’s shame and ignorance regarding sex culture and it’s ignorance regarding fucking as a conduit for enlightenment and ascension.  Countering a culture obsessed with homogenized and airbrushed titillation but horrified by a gaping blood-letting cunt, Tranquilisha and her disciples speak in lewd tongues while scrawling  salvation-inducing mantras,  attempting to balance our skewed understanding of screwing and loving.